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THE DEEP BLUE are a 3 piece who hail from the United Kingdom. Their first release ANTARTIC ABYSS (Church Within Records) brought them great reviews and took them on the FEAR NO PAIN TOUR in 2008 with LORD VICAR. During this time their second album SUN WORSHIPER (Church Within Records) was released and saw them expanding on their immense spacy sound.

Doomed Review - Hey guys!

Deep Blue -  Hey

Doomed Review -  How was it to tour with LORD VICAR? Any memoriable moments?

Deep Blue - It was  very cool. It was the first tour for both our bands  so everyone was equal. The shows were excellent and the crowd really understood what we were about.

Doomed Review - You guys like to use alot of lights for your shows. What sort of visual imagery do you represent?

Deep Blue -  Well we really only play in small clubs and bars, and you only ever have normal lighting while your playing which is pretty boring. So from the first show we introduced 3 Dull green lights and 2 smoke machines. We have the club lights turned off so its dark as hell,and the smoke starts filling the room. This idea totally changes the atmosphere and vibe of the show, and fits the style of music were playing. 

Doomed Review - Your first album ANTARTIC ABYSS was called an "excellent slab o' hypnotic trance sludge", how would you compare this with your new release SUN WORSHIPER?

Deep Blue - We wrote SUN WORSHIPER as part 2 for the first record. So they tie together really well. Its the same style of riffs but with a heavy space influence so we used some heavy synth to mix it up a bit and give it a cool 70's sci-fi  theme.  We also took influence from BORIS and SUNN O))) for the production of the record. 

Doomed Review - On your SUN WORSHIPER promo video, the first 35 seconds is just a focus on a stack of amps. Was the resemblance to a monolith ala 2001 SPACE ODYSSEY coincidental or intentional?

Deep Blue - Yeah the intro to that movie is a big influence on SUN WORSHIPER, but the video was just a small project to see if we could make something cool to tie in with the release of the record. 

Doomed Review - What brought you guys together to form a band?

Deep Blue - I've been a huge fan of SLEEP and their DOPE SMOKER  Lp for a long time. I listend to that record about 20 times before I thought music needed to be produced at this level again and couldnt understand why any other bands have not been noticably influenced by DOPE SMOKER. So I started writting a few riffs with that in mind and before I knew it we had a band. We were all in fast hardcore bands before this one so it was really exciting to start something totally different and really heavy.

Doomed Review - Thanks guys
Deep Blue -  no problem

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