Friday, March 27, 2009


ELECTRIC WIZARD. To Doom and Stoner metal fans these two words invoke images of the deepest sludge, the darkest hues, the thickest smoke of all thoughts imaginable. COME MY FANATICS is considered their first masterpiece, and a landmark for the genre. The sound is something few bands can replicate, an almost lo-fi mist covers every album track with a thick fuzz swirling every chord. This album is amazing, the lyrics are grotesquely nihilistic with lines like " I am a god, I am the one" howled in such a truthful tone its impossible to deny it. The album cover is another piece of a perfect album (done by Hugh Gilmour who also did the cover of their 2000 album DOPETHRONE). Before you even listen to a single track the mood has been set. Music like this is worth living for.

Track Listing:

1.) Return Trip
2.) Wizard In Black
3.) Doom-Mantia
4.) Ivixor B / Phase Inducer
5.) Son Of Nothing
6.) Solarian 13

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